Making a WP Blog is Very Easy

Making a WP blog is very easy.

Yes! Just follow the below simple steps.

Step # 1:

First of all, register a domain-name for your website. Domain name is a unique identity of your website or address of your online business on internet. domain will cost you $7 to $9 per year.

Go to a domain registrar to register a domain for yourself. Your domain can be any phrase or keyword, such as your name, your idea or your business name.

After registration you will get access information to control your domain-name. You will need that latter to change DNS address in order to make your website visible on internet.

Step #2:

Purchase a web hosting account with good features, especially look for cpanel and fantastico. Both are excellent tools for blogging and website management.

Purchase an affordable plan for your blog. A blog plan will cost you around $25 per year.once you are done with purchase order, you will get cpanel information to upload your website. Login to cpanel and find Fantastico De Luxe smiley icon to start installation of your blog. Fantastico is an excellent panel to install many popular web applications easily. Find Word Press under blog section and click to start the installation process. Follow the recommended default settings. You will get administration access of your WP website finally. Save this information for future.

e.g. http:// your domain name. com / wp – admin

Change the DNS server using domain control panel in order to make your blog visible on internet.

WP admin provides many useful options, such as add new post, make web pages, change theme of your website etc.

That’s it; your blog is ready now. You can write quality articles, add pictures and videos etc. There are many free valuable plug-ins and themes available to make your WP blog attractive.

I would suggest you to choose to register a domain name for your blog and as one of the best web hostingto enjoy quality features at cheap.

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