How to get Domain Name and Web Hosting

First of all we have to understand the web world, so we make it simple.

  • Domain – House name
  • Web Hosting – Land
  • Web Application / Software – House
  • Decoration – Theme
  • Furniture etc – Content

So what we need to start from, we need to think about our home first, which kind of home I like? Getting the clear picture in your mind, your next step is to search the land on which you have to build your house, when this step is completed then the next step we have to follow is to build the house architecture which should look awesome to others.

Now what we need to stay at home, yes we need furniture, electronic appliances and related things. The following video shows how to get things done in the real world with great examples. We can get equipped within 15 minutes to get our own blogs because the video explains in a simple manner that how we can get the domain name; register it with other named servers and how to work with word press, the most popular software for blogging. We also will see the CPanel and Fantastico in the video.

Web Hosting

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