Meta Tags – Chapter 3

You want to get high ranking in top most search engines, oh no problem my dear. “Meta Tags” are there to promote your website in search engine ranking. Is it true? My answer is not always, but “Meta Tags” play an important role to promote your website. We should clear that it is not 100% solution or guarantee to achieve the good ranking, but helps out more to get high ranking.

What are Meta Tags?

Provide information to search engines about your web page and tell the purpose of your article. The tags are inserted in the head of web page. Now we closely look the example given below.

Click the link Get Started ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC and do right click on the page, select view page source and extract the html elements, at this time the elements on the above page are as follows:

Meta Tags - Figure 1

Meta Tags - Figure 1

Title tag is also important but we are focusing now on “Meta Tags”, you can see them as a bold. Description and keywords are the two important “Meta Tags” when we concern about Search Engine Optimization. Let’s understand that what is the purpose of “name” and “content” properties? Basically “name” identifies the type and “content” provides the description of that Meta Tag.

You might have seen when you share you web page URL, and then Facebook extracts the Title and Description of your web page, so it proves that Meta Tags are not even useful for crawler search engines but may provide help to other websites. Keep in mind that your suggested keyword should be placed in both meta tags to get high ranking in top most search engines.

The other tag is “robot” you can use it when you do not want to index your page.

Meta Tags - Figure 2

Meta Tags - Figure 2


After finding the keyword the most important part of search engine optimization is to write the correct “description” and “keywords” meta tags. Analyze them according to your web page content, there are many tools available on the web for analyzing keywords I have mentioned some here, you can try them, You can use All In One Seo plugin for word press to add the keywords and description.

Suppose you do not want to index your web page to crawler search engine then use “robots” meta tag. I hope you got my point, the proper keyword and description will give you high jump to get the good ranking for popular search engines, but if you would not use them properly, you may have penalty from them to out from their indexing.

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