Keyword Research – Chapter 2

Keyword research plays a vital role regarding search engine optimization phase of your website. If you want to be a friend of most popular search engines than it is very important to use those keywords which are searching more on the web by the community. You should know the trends which are following by the customers of web search engines. Your customer will find you on different search engines by searching keywords which you use in your web pages. That is key to find on the web, a correct and related keyword would get more results, whenever a wrong or non-related keyword would get less or non-related results.

So the Chapter 2 focused on keyword research. When I started to work on blogging, I thought that I already the words which could have more searches and I was assure that it is not a big task and I should not take care about it! Oh I was wrong, why? Because I thought that I have clear picture in my mind that people think as I think, but what keyword tool says, I do not need to know. I lost my efforts and time and did not find myself not in the world of search engine anywhere, very sad.

I started to know about the issues or the area I have been missing, I read many blogs, watched videos and discussed with friend, how they work to get high ranking in the search engine, they give me the suggestion about taking first step correct and the they said you should work on your keywords. Now the best part of my article starts from the points given below which would help to stop you the mistakes I did, and would help to work in an efficient way, I hope.

It will look very childish way to work on keywords but please start from here and search your keyword related to your business. Click on Keyword Tool – Google AdWords – Online Advertising by Google. Enter your keyword in Word or phrase (one per line) text box area.

I enter the keyword “iis web server” and got the following results in Figure -1, you can get the idea why I said earlier that we know that the word we think is best and suitable but the Google keyword tool show the different angle to us. See “application web server” is the best keyword now from my perspective because it is has low competition; searches are below than 50000 for Global Monthly Searches and Estimated Avg. CPC is $6.54 which can be achievable.

Keyword Research - Chapter 2Figure – 1 Google Keyword Tool Example

Now you got an idea what people are searching for and how that phrase is competitive in terms of ranking. Competition insist you thinking about how much effort, time and money you have to put to get high ranking against the competitors which already in the market to sell their products.

There are many other tools which can be useful to determine how much searches your keyword is receiving.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool: A free and very easy tool for beginners.

Google Suggest: Google Suggest is a great way to search related word suggestions that may help you to find more relevant words. Another arsenal to find the synonyms..

Wordtracker: Wordtracker helps you to find out popular keyword phrases, their activity and popularity among competitors.

After creating the long list of words, now you need to narrow down the list of more appropriate and highly ranked with low competition to 5 to 10 words. It is recommended that you should use keywords in between 3 to 4; repetition of words may harm your ranking or effort you put to get the competition win. On-page content isn’t the only place where you can inject keywords. Keywords should also be placed in title tag, Meta description tag, headings and Alt text on your website.

Now you are ready to start your journey, I hope you will enjoy your journey. In the next chapter we will learn about Meta tags.

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