Chapter 1 – What is SEO and Why

The “SEO” is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. It is defined as a process which helps out a website to show the visibility on a web when user search information about any topic using specific keywords. SEO is a broad area which consists of many other tactics to promote a website in search engines.

Why we use SEO to promote our websites

Yes, we start from the start, type and search the secrets of making money online, you will find the top 10 websites, logically you will not go to second page and would click on the first two to three links to read out the stuff you want, very simple. What happens when you click on the links provided by search engines?

We find the answer by asking the google. Google says if you would click on my advertisement placed on your website, I will give you money on the clicks of each link, wow! Who would not get the benefit? Me! No, I would be in the competition to get the profit from google advertisement campaign.

Let’s see google itself how much earns from advertisement? The answer lies in the following table.

Rank Website Founders Annual Revenue Per Second
1 Amazon Jeff Bezos $24,509,000,000 $776.66
2 Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin $23,650,560,000 $749.46
3 Comcast Ralph Roberts $9,600,000,000 $304.21
4 eBay Pierre Omidyar $8,727,360,000 $276.56
5 Yahoo Jerry Yang and David Filo $6,460,000,000 $204.71

The above table is taken by Top Earning Websites In The World

Wow, examples are there, people use SEO as the basic tool, technology or a tactic to get their websites more popular in the web world, so why not we? I will post another chapters for getting the basic knowledge that how SEO works and what is the benefit we can take from it?


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    Unfortunately the situation is not so simple. The Google might be the choice for comprehensive web search.

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