Backlink is defined as incoming link to a website or any webpage pointed from other website, directory or web page. The large number of quality backlinks describes the importance of website and a key factor to get the higher PageRank. These are also called inbound links.

Search engines grab the number of incoming links which is the most important factors of analyzing the website’s search engine ranking. Google philosophy against backlink is crystal clear. You will find that Google counts backlink as a vote for webpage ABC from webpage BCA, which increases the credibility and popularity of any website in the sense of Google.

Web Gurus use various ways to improve quality backlink, specially focus on search engine optimization techniques to increase the number of quality baklinks to point their websites. Some serious marketers focus to provide refreshing content to public and capture the traffic which cause to other website to reference their links. HuffingtonPostTechCrunch and Mashable are the few examples.

The easiest way to find the backlink to your website is to go to Google and enter ‘’ in the search field.

Maximize Backlink Strategy

  • Breaking big news is undoubtedly the best strategy to get incoming links. Most of bloggers who report the news will provide your link as a source.
  • What I do for generating large numbers of backlink? I find those posts in which someone really needs help. If you would help someone to find out the solution of the problem, he/she would probably like to keep a record of that post, even to pass it to others, which in turns would get more traffic as well link to your website.
  • Arguing a point gently and strongly is another great tool for getting people to comment on post and link up that.
  • You feel sometime you wrote very informative content but no one took it serious while sometimes the little and humorous post does a best job.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Link exchanges, especially from not related to your content, sometimes you got penalty from this technique in terms of low page rank.
  • Buying links from other websites with low page rank or non-related content.
  • Request others to post your link on their website. It is not a professional and ethical way to get backlink. This will hurt you for a long run.

Finally it is crystal clear that backlink is not everything; while definitely helps to get good page rank. Keep focus on providing quality content and you will be happy to get more backlinks to your website at the end.


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  1. Adeel

    I tried the command, to see my site’s link, but not getting any result from google, although the link is present on a couple of sites.


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