Keyword Density – Chapter 4

After choosing the relevant keyword for writing an article, which I mentioned earlier in Keyword Research – Chapter 2, the most important and confusing part of Search Engine Optimization is Keyword Density. This tells the search engines that how relevant content is on the page. How much it is important? A reader can tell us, if we take own example, how we find the relevant material on the web, we probably say the keyword. read more ...

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Meta Tags – Chapter 3

You want to get high ranking in top most search engines, oh no problem my dear. “Meta Tags” are there to promote your website in search engine ranking. Is it true? My answer is not always, but “Meta Tags” play an important role to promote your website. We should clear that it is not 100% solution or guarantee to achieve the good ranking, but helps out more to get high ranking.

What are Meta Tags?

Provide information to search engines about your web page and tell the purpose of your article. The tags are inserted in the head of web page. Now we closely look the example given below. read more ...

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Keyword Research – Chapter 2

Keyword research plays a vital role regarding search engine optimization phase of your website. If you want to be a friend of most popular search engines than it is very important to use those keywords which are searching more on the web by the community. You should know the trends which are following by the customers of web search engines. Your customer will find you on different search engines by searching keywords which you use in your web pages. That is key to find on the web, a correct and related keyword would get more results, whenever a wrong or non-related keyword would get less or non-related results.
read more ...

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Chapter 1 – What is SEO and Why

The “SEO” is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. It is defined as a process which helps out a website to show the visibility on a web when user search information about any topic using specific keywords. SEO is a broad area which consists of many other tactics to promote a website in search engines.

Why we use SEO to promote our websites

Yes, we start from the start, type and search the secrets of making money online, you will find the top 10 websites, logically you will not go to second page and would click on the first two to three links to read out the stuff you want, very simple. What happens when you click on the links provided by search engines? read more ...


Quick Overview of ASP.NET MVC

Welcome to ASP.NET MVC

If you are new to this technology then you have to know about MVC first that what MVC is? It is architectural pattern which is used in software engineering. Why we need this pattern? Yes, the answer is that we need separation of concerns, we need isolation between the user interface and application logic.

In the process of software development in our case suppose web based application, we divide the responsibilities to teams to build the software product. Let’s assign the tasks; we give the html code to user interface designers and application logic to programmers. read more ...