Install IIS

Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI) supports easy installation steps of IIS (Internet Information Services). IIS 7.0 and 7.5 both are known as IIS 7. If you want to install IIS this article is for you. I hope you will enjoy this article as steps by step installation guide.

Verify that you properly installed Windows 7 on which we have to install IIS 7. All IIS features are not supported for all editions of Windows 7. I supposed that you have installed Windows 7 Ultimate. Now the most important thing, make sure you are logged in as build-in administrator. read more ...



Microsoft introduced the Razor View Engine in ASP.NET MVC 3 which is getting popular these days because of simplicity and easy to learn. This is the major change which has a built-in support in Visual Studio 2010 even there are other ASP.NET MVC view engines like NHaml and Spark used today.

We recently got MVCCONF virtual live conference in which the community took participate to understand the changes Microsoft made, the Razor was the one of them, because it is very simple, concise and takes minimal keystroke to accomplish the task in a page. read more ...


Internet Explorer 9

What’s new in IE9?

Lot of improvements is there in Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft claims that they had produced a new generation web browser which comes with new features like fast speed, pinned sites so you can pin your favorite websites using the taskbar for one-click access, awesome. New look and feel which provides intuitive ways of use and navigation is easier than the previous releases. You can experience faster browsing like you run the programs at your home computer. read more ...

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DiscountASP.NET Web Application Gallery

I want to install my first blog and image gallery at “once click” like, I do using Microsoft Web Platform Installer on my Windows operating system. Is it possible using Web Hosting servers? Yes DiscountASP.NET is there, now you can install your blog and image gallery at one click. DiscountASP.NET is one of the first hosts to launch ASP.NET 4.0 Hosting at Windows 2008 hosting platform. read more ...

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ASP.NET MVC 3.0 New Features

ASP.NET MVC 3.0 is the major change of ASP.NET MVC framework. The great news is that it is compatible with the previous release, which means you can easily update your project from MVC 2 to MVC 3.0. The new features which are build on the top of core framework, it is already learned by the community of developers, so no need to worry about the learning curve.

You have to just grip on the new features which provide us an opportunity to know about some features and implement it. I take an example of the core feature like RedirectPermanent method, how important addition it is, I realize today when my team lead told me to redirect the website about page to Login page but with permanent redirect. I said him; no problem ASP.NET core feature is available now. read more ...