Install IIS

Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI) supports easy installation steps of IIS (Internet Information Services). IIS 7.0 and 7.5 both are known as IIS 7. If you want to install IIS this article is for you. I hope you will enjoy this article as steps by step installation guide.

Verify that you properly installed Windows 7 on which we have to install IIS 7. All IIS features are not supported for all editions of Windows 7. I supposed that you have installed Windows 7 Ultimate. Now the most important thing, make sure you are logged in as build-in administrator.

The new feature added in Windows Server 2008 is known as Local User Administrator. If you are logged in as a user which is added in a local Administrator group, even you cannot install. If you try then receive the following alert message box.

Windows Security

Windows Security


The other way to run application explicitly as a built-in administrator is use the runas command-line tool.


Install IIS Step By Step

What we are required to install IIS on Windows 7? Please follow the steps to install IIS on your computer.

1. We need to open Windows Features dialog box, so click on Start button, and then click the Control Panel highlighted by green color box.

Start Menu

Start Menu


2. Click Turn Windows features on or off.


Control Panel

Control Panel

3. You can view the selected Installed Programs, click it.

Turn Windows features on or off


4.  You may get the Windows Security warning. Click Allow to show the Windows Features.

Windows Security dialog box


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