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Keyword Density – Chapter 4

After choosing the relevant keyword for writing an article, which I mentioned earlier in Keyword Research – Chapter 2, the most important and confusing part of Search Engine Optimization is Keyword Density. This tells the search engines that how relevant content … Continue reading

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Meta Tags – Chapter 3

You want to get high ranking in top most search engines, oh no problem my dear. “Meta Tags” are there to promote your website in search engine ranking. Is it true? My answer is not always, but “Meta Tags” play … Continue reading

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Keyword Research – Chapter 2

Keyword research plays a vital role regarding search engine optimization phase of your website. If you want to be a friend of most popular search engines than it is very important to use those keywords which are searching more on … Continue reading

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Chapter 1 – What is SEO and Why

The “SEO” is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. It is defined as a process which helps out a website to show the visibility on a web when user search information about any topic using specific keywords. SEO is a … Continue reading