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Quick Overview of ASP.NET MVC

Welcome to ASP.NET MVC If you are new to this technology then you have to know about MVC first that what MVC is? It is architectural pattern which is used in software engineering. Why we need this pattern? Yes, the … Continue reading


How to get Domain Name and Web Hosting

First of all we have to understand the web world, so we make it simple. Domain – House name Web Hosting – Land Web Application / Software – House Decoration – Theme Furniture etc – Content So what we need … Continue reading

Web Hosting

Making a WP Blog is Very Easy

Making a WP blog is very easy. Yes! Just follow the below simple steps. Step # 1: First of all, register a domain-name for your website. Domain name is a unique identity of your website or address of your online … Continue reading

Web Hosting

Overview of ASP.NET 4

ASP.NET 4 has introduced a number of features to improve the core ASP.NET services which includes output caching and session-state storage and added the routing, object cache, HTML, URL, Http encoding and multi-targeting targetFramework attribute in the compilation element of … Continue reading


Web Farm Framework for IIS

These days setting up web servers, deploy websites to them, and then managing them is not a single step process, we can say it is very time consuming process which requires a manual set of task which we have to … Continue reading